Ravi thinks he can slice infinity


The ODMafia research robot monkeys have been researchmentaling Ravi Zacharias and have found MORE potential emergent-heresy-nonsense. Using H-Raytechnology we discovered that Ravi has been referring to a series of articles under the guise of Slice of Infinity. We at ODMafia KNOW for a fact that one CANNOT slice infinity. 6 years ago ODM’s from across North America spent 6 billion dollars attempting to slice infinity. It cannot be done. In fact the mere mention of Slice of Infinity suggests that Ravi can do what most mortals cannot – slice up the things that are infinite…we believe this is tantamount to a claim of divinity! We will NOT tolerate such a claim.

We have attempted to phone Ravi 3.4 million times in hopes that he would fess up and repent. Gone are the days and golden years of perfect apologists who would never claim to slice infinity. So far he remains silent.

Editors note: H-Rays is a reference to the heresy rays that emanate from heretics and  heresy detection discovered several years ago by discernmentalists and put to use hunting for heretics. Thus, the H-Ray detector detects heretics.

One Response to Ravi thinks he can slice infinity

  1. teja says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    i understand very well your argument and the proof that you show . but does it pain to think that TIME SPACE AND MATTER are corelative AND that IFF SOMEONE HAD TO CREATE THEM OR BRING THEM INTO EXISTENCE, he is not bound by the laws of the above three .. right ???

    then how futile is it to think about the beginning(time) of God himself, who infact created time and is not bound by it … is it not mundane/obtuse ?? please think and rethink ..

    we have tried to compress about the ONE who brought in to existence the very elements time space and matter that we ONLY SOMETIMES SEE AND SOMETIMES FEEL.. and CONCLUDE that there is no God .. please think…

    you and i may have a million things or proofs gathered up from the past present or what might be proven in the mere future to prove our points..

    but it all should have started at some (time matter and space ) but dont you think that it should also have started with a lot of love and care, dont you feel it … plz think ..

    dont you feel it when you see your spouse, that there was somewhere some love that got you together ..

    you just believed it and knew that your parents loved you … or your spouse loved you .. just plain faith .. thats all .. not any written decree from richard dawkins etc .,

    when you dont think so much about the biological entities in front of you .. with whom your whole life is linked, then have you asked yourself as to why are you thinking so much negatively about a creator called god .. don you think that the word REBELLION comes into flash there .. and that links to another being IFF called satan .. and that he is putting these thoughts in you ..

    and what if you are running with a full pace but aimlessly .. without a purpose of love .. the most basic necessity of man ..

    Dear brother/ sister i also write this with love .. please do understand ..

    Thanking you .. teja


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