Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham

Bruce-lee1Billy Graham producer said the film “Billy: The Early years of Billy Graham” made $50 million the first day. The producer suggests that the success of the movie was dependent up the action plot of karate and kung fu moves – most stunts of which were actually executed by Billy Graham himself. Most of the other special effects dramatizing his life were done via CGI since models, and miniatures were considered far too expensive to produce this real life action hero story.

The movie follows the life of Billy Graham as he karate chops bad guys  and uses flying kicks when not in stadiums across the globe preaching the gospel. Audiences have been generally pleased with the release and there may likely be a sequel in the near future called – BILLY: Enter the Dragon and Beast.

J.J. Abrams has been rumoured to direct and produce the prequel however George Lucas and Spielburg are also perusing scripts.


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