Men need to be men and women need to be women


Your typical effeminate metro-sexual!

 In the bible I read, which is the one dropped by God from the sky untouched by any man’s hands; it states God wants men to be men and women to be women.

 There is no room in Heaven for effeminate men. Who cares if some man is genetically more on his mom’s side and may have a soft voice? And you fat men with those “breasts” might as well sit in a hot sauna as it will ready you for hell! Yes, God does not allow men with female breasts in Heaven.


Typical effeminate man with man breasts!

 Now I am not talking about just homosexuals. You know you are already going to fry… I am talking about heterosexuals men who spend more time in front of a mirror than in the bible. Those hetero-metrosexuals like Rob Bell who have come to a point that we don’t even recognize what sex he is… so let’s just call him “gay” or “gay-loving” (that is close enough for me) and cosign him to gay hell!


While not gay, Rob Bell is a Metro-sexual!

 Someone tried the whole “what about grace?” Well let me tell you, God has no grace for sinners. His grace is only for believers. We must repent to be reconciled. God does not just freely give his grace away to anyone! He is too righteous for that.

 Good grief, it is bad enough we have protestant churches ordaining women and gays, what’s next? Metrosexuals?

 Come soon for your Bride, Jesus and burn this planet down!

 I. Todyaso

7 Responses to Men need to be men and women need to be women

  1. Slice o fun says:

    Who’s the masked blogger in this photo?


  2. itodyaso says:

    Comments are not necessarily the opinion and taste to this blog… in fact we admit to having really, really low standards… yet…

    The question is though, why does this guy have to cover the face of this well known discernmentalist? Is it because she might sue him for her own past?

    Oh well it is all under the blood… and grace is for us few…

    I. Todyaso


  3. Andy says:

    Whew, just saw the link. Hopefully Miley has better taste in boyfriends than she did. Toga parties at frat houses. Mercy!


  4. truthslayer says:

    itodyaso, in terms of low low standards…I set the lowest and still yet fail to achieve them.


  5. Arthur McJohn says:

    Men need to be men… but I think it is better if we shave ourselves and preach God’s wrath in suit and tie


  6. truthslayer says:

    Arthur, I see you have been brushing up on your discernmentalist skills!!!! (-:


  7. Larry Gossett says:

    agreed. I do have a gut. I neither live in a city nor want to. I do have a hint of, ahem, man-boobs? or sorts. I have bad nerves and obsessivecompulsivedisorder and find coping difficult. I am not metrosexual. I think metrosexual is just short of queer and bordering on it. I don’t wear matching socks half the time, I yank clothes off the hanger, sometimes breaking the hanger. I seldom remember to even wash my hair, let alone care about which shampoo, and, like my father used to, sometimes use a bar of soap in place of shampoo. I try to look decent and clean, but like most men, have forgotten to even shave or put on deoderant. I am not concerned about brands of this and that, but if I find one that seems to work, I go for it over anything else, but will use whatever is at hand. I wear tightie-whities only. I might sleep in boxer shorts in the summer, but I never wear pastel colors or girlie colors like pink/purple. I wear a suit with either black or blue jacket, dark, conservative tie, and am often mistaken for being a funeral director. normal slacks. white shirt. I sometimes will use a camera bag if one a trip where I going to a park or zoo or something but only for the camera and nothing else. I carry a wallet and I wear a simple analog watch that is either silver or gold. I hate sports cars and like trucks, sedans, crossovers, and suv’s. I shave my face and moustache, but I never shave anything else. I would do the same if I lived in a city. I almost never use a cell phone. hate them. I had two notebook computers, don’t have either of the now. I don’t have a career nor want one. I hate city life and the office/professional/career world. I would rather be like the man in the old show “Green Acres” She wants the stores of Park Avenue. I want the back woods and a pickup truck. I do like stores, but only hobby related/movies/music/books. I watch zombie movies.

    Would you say that I am or am not metrosexual or maybe redneck. I listen to Hank Williams Sr. and Conway Twitty and Marty Robbins No 1 Cowboy.


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