Letting your Online Discernmentalist Ministry cool down could save your life

May 14, 2009

burgYou may be gasping for that fresh glimpse of absolute truth from your favourite Online Discernmentalist Ministry, but waiting five minutes before dealing with cantankerous truth proclaimers may save your life says medical doctors. Researchers have found that ODMs may be linked to cancer of the esophagus and that the risk of contracting the disease may increase eightfold as a result of heated truth proclaimers and heretic hunters speaking too loud.

The erantsophagus is the tube that normally carries food from the throat to the stomach. ODM’s compress unusual amounts of air while ranting compounding medical problems. By giving the esophagus a cooling down period  it may allow ODMs to continue for twice as long as current ministries do today.

So fellow Discernmentalists…..pause, cool down, relax.

Let the ODMafia who are natural experts at ranting, raving and outrageous anger apply our knowledge so that you don’t have to suffer from throat strain or worse….discernnmentalist throat cancer.

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