Hidden Planet of Truth Discovered in Old Hubble Data

macA new technique has uncovered an extrasolar truth-planet hidden in Hubble Space Telescope images taken 11 years ago

The new strategy may allow discernmentalist researchers to uncover other distant alien worlds potentially lurking in over a decade’s worth of Hubble archival data.

The planet is estimated to be at least seven times the mass of Jupiter and exuding a new and strange phenomenon – truth rays. It is the outermost of three massive planets known to orbit the dusty young star TW 8799 (TW – truth warrior), which is 130 light-years away from Earth.

A John MacArthur Orthodox Satellite will be sent to this mysterious planet for further investigation.  If it fails to measure up to MacArthur’s books it may be destroyed or an attempt to yank it out of orbit and fling it into the sun.


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