John Hagee’s Healing Scripture Player

funnyThe ODMafia robot research monkeys are excited about the

Portable Healing Player …now available exclusively through John Hagee Ministries. This digital player recites the scriptures pertaining to healing, health and life from the Bible as read by Pastor John Hagee. The player comes with an ear piece and built-in stand and is battery powered. In addition the ear piece can be removed and the player can play just like your radio.” (We’re NOT kidding – check the link!!!)

Wow just like your radio – but with an ear piece! How technologically bleeding edge! Moreover it heals! We believe that Benny Hinn must have accidentally brushed against the HEALING SCRIPTURE PLAYER exact these miracle like qualities. embedded in worldly technology. Thankfully this POWER TO HEAL (PtoH) device is read by super apostle John Hagee…his soothing tone will force your body to heal whether it wants to or not.

ODmafia has ordered several for us and our staff. Order now while supplies last…embrace Hagee’s healing voice!

“P” to the “H” peeps….

15 Responses to John Hagee’s Healing Scripture Player

  1. My aunt is very sick , she had her gaal blatter out and is no better as yet. Will you stand with us for the healing of her body today. We are standing on God word and promise.
    Tahnk you Naomi


  2. ometu christopher says:

    i want beloved brethren to help me with prayers for my sight. I’ve been wearing glasses for about 2years.It has not been
    Comfortable.The doctor said i’m short sighted. That i can’t see clearly except with glasses. I want God to heal me completely. I want to see clearly without glasses. Thanks for your affection.


  3. Velva says:

    My daughter has pain in her back and her hip, please pray for healing of her body from her head to the soles of her feet. She has 3 little boys and a disable husband and she has to work cleaning houses to try and make enough money for them to live. Please, please pray for her….


  4. Velva says:

    Pray for all of my family, that we may be able to find peace and happiness in this world of sorrow and pain. Pray for our country as a whole that we may all have peace and happiness. Pray for the sick and lonely, for all the little children and for all who is in need. God help all of us to look to you for understanding and comfort in these times of trials in our life.
    God Bless all of us.


  5. Andrew Delgado says:

    Please pray for me, for I have meneires disease and I need prayer. I have been listening to John Hagees healing scriptures and my symtoms seem to disappear……..Thank You Lord Jesus…….and John Hagees Healing Scriptures……..Amen


  6. Andrew Delgado says:

    Thank You ……. Truthslayer…………God Bless


  7. Denise Edmonsoni says:

    I am asking for everyone that reads these replys to pray for my very best friend thats like a sister to me Mel Harris, she had a heart attack 3-17-12 today is 3-21-12 she,s still on the respirator but I thank God that they have reduced her oxygen to 50, so I belive that Jehovah has his angles along with his Holy spirit doing what his word say,s for it to do and that,s to heal her by the stripes of jesus I know this is a test for all of us to show love, not just to our loved one,s unconditionally to everyone like Jesus does everyday. so if there,s anyone you need to apologize to, or you need to give them another chance to apologize to you before it,s to late,remember God gives us new mercy everyday so we can show mercy to someone else so give mercy to whoever need it today. we,re healed by the stripes of Jesus amen. nece, miami 1190 n.w. 63rd st.


  8. Connie Woodburn says:

    My cousin had a severe heartache and his sugar is over 600, his kidneys are shutting down and they are going to induce a coma. He has a 10 year old son who needs him. Pray for a healing and for his soul. Thank you. His name is Mark


  9. Sarah says:

    My dad has lost his eye sight he is 80 years old and my mother who is 75 has problems with her kidneys. I know there is nothing too hard for god ..I believe with all my heart god is able ..I ask for you to touch and agree with me that their bodies and eye sight line up with the word of god every tissues every vessel ,muscle , bone autority line function in the manor in which god has intended to function..


  10. Jacqueline Lequala Clark says:

    Complete and total deliverance healing prosperity protection restoration salvation of my WHOLE family members lives.


  11. I request prayer for my daughter. That our relationship can be restored.


  12. Ray says:

    God is the healer. And yes he heals through His word. It amazes me how someone can mock this and devote a website page to it. That’s really sad. I received healing and know many others who have also received healing either through direct prayer or by listening to healing scriptures like this. You’re a very foolish simpleminded person and you really need to ask God to forgive you for making a mockery of his servants and his word publicly.


    • itodyaso says:

      On a serious note we agree. My wife was healed by God of TMJ. However, it is not God we are mocking or healing of people but the idea certain ministries are “anointed” and use this to make money. In fact, if you understand what the gift of healing really is, it is not about a man or woman who has some power to heal other people. When a person is healed by God, they then have received a gift of healing. It is the person healed that has the gift not the one that prayed some magic prayer. Hagee and other ministries like this twist this truth and thus twist the real gift from God. Can God use Hagee? Of course, God can use anyone. But, does that mean what Hagee is doing is right? No. Hinn and Hagee treat God as some magic man in the sky. God is so much more than that. I hope you grow in the Reality of the Person of Christ Jesus and see that not all ministries truly represent Him.


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