New Approved Exercise Chart

free-yoga-poses copy

Yoga is not acceptable for real Christians and any Discernmentalist knows that as OUR doctrinal truth! Some even try to call it “Christian Yoga” and we know it is all a Eastern Mysticism deception in so- called Christian clothing! Now we here know that many Christians still need to exercises so we developed an approved chart for you to use in your morning prayer time. Yes, we call it… Stretching Exercises!

You can “think about God’s Word” as you stretch. (Remember, meditation and contemplation are not allowed by OUR doctrines or approved by Ken Silva) Start slowly as we all know that the rigidity of OUR doctrines can have an effect on our bodies. Yes, just call it “stretching” and no one will come after you. Just a bit of warning though;  be careful not to become too flexible as it could lead to liberalism!


2 Responses to New Approved Exercise Chart

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    We don’t need those eastern-buddhist like exercises, but don’t you worry: there are a lot of western/american exercises that could fit well for our discermentalist worldview. Take example of this:


  2. truthslayer says:

    Arthur, it is apparent that you are well on your way to a master discernmentalist!


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