U.S. group sees little progress on discernmentalist errors

error_buttonSan Diego (Reuters) – Despite a decade of promises, little has been done to fix the problem of preventable discernmentalist errors that kill nearly 98,000 people in the United States each year, a watch  group said on Tuesday. Often victims don’t die, but due to undue accusations and slander go into hiding.

An independent Discernmentalist watchdog often at odds with some Online Discernmentalists failed to enact discernmentalist safety reforms recommended by a 2001 truth-report by the Institute of Discernmentalists International Online for Truth or IDIOT that found that discernmentalists errors cost the United States $27 billion a year.

“There is little evidence to suggest that the number of people dying from discernmentalists truth ministries has dropped since IDIOT first warned about these deadly mistakes a decade ago,” Bill Billger of  IDIOT said in a statement.

“That means a million lives and billions of dollars have been lost or destroyed over the past 10 years because our truth system failed to adopt key reforms and ODMs refused to be humble, and love their enemies.” This was the first time that IDIOT made sense.

The ODMafia is against IDIOT because we will refuse reproof and correction. Indeed  we despise anyone who disagrees with an Online Discernmentalist Ministry…especially professionals like us.


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