Researcher cleared of Ebola after treatment with Truth serum

May 23, 2009

chestxray-main_FullA discernmentalist researchmentalist who received an experimental discernmentalist vaccine after being exposed to the deadly truth warrior virus has passed the disease’s 21-day incubation period without showing any sign of falling ill (ie being  irrational, emotional, self righteous, obnoxious, know it all and so on….)

Dr. Bob Blogs, head of the laboratory where the 35-year-old woman worked, says that she is being prepared for release from a Hamburg hospital.

The researcher, whose identity has not been released, was conducting experiments on mice-heretics when a needle accidentally slipped and nicked her finger through three layers of protective truth warrior gloves.

Within 48 hours, she was administered an experimental vaccine for truth warriors  suspected of ebola contaminents developed in St. Paul but never tried before on humans.

It remains unclear whether her insides will liquify or that she will become irrational and quarrelsome and terrified, fearing a heretical plot.

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