Apprising Sites The Term “Post” Too Many Times!

May 30, 2009

Tree-stumpThe ODMafia research robot monkey’s have been engaged in a lot of counting for the year 2009. We are very good at counting….usually other peoples errors, we’d count our own if we had any.  In this case we are not counting the mishaps of others, but rather the excellent phraseologies, statements made by Apprising Ministries for the year 2009. We surmise that Apprising’s MOST used word for 2009 is POST!!!!

Here are a few examples;

“It is a sad fact that a perverted, postevangelical,” or “further entrenchment of the postliberal Emergence rebellion” “And postmodern professing Christians ” “Postmodern Liberalism” and not to mention Apprisings Hidden message word agenda “aPOSTate” ,”least a couple of posts a day“and not to mention “Featured Posts” that are strategically placed at the top of the page.

So far Apprising Ministries has not gone POSTAL, sent postage due, or engaged in “past the post” elections in our more communistic countries like Canada. We hope that these post-rhetoric discussions will cease in our post-cold war age. Still, we doubt that ministries dealing with apostates, while claiming near apostleship will end any time soon….at least that is what WE postulate.

Finally, posterboys like the ODMafia crew for posterities sake need to move on…..and fixate on another word of the year…with post-haste!

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