See-Through Discernmentalists Discovered

May 31, 2009

TransOur ODmafia Research Robot Monkey’s have been on the prowl for a GOOD story…and I think we have found one! Ten newfound species of Discernmentalists  — including a Discernmentalists with spiky skin and three varieties of Discernmentalists with transparent skin — have been discovered in the mountains of Colombia.

See most intriguing discernmentalist at left of screen.

The new species were found on a recent expedition led by heretical-tologists from Conservative International Heresy Seeking Institute  in Colombia’s mountainous Truthacuna area. One scientist commented “a transparent Discernmentalist is highy unusual….this one in particular does not typically cover its tracks and change stories, and its ego is not as overly exagerated as other mainstream special ops discernmentalists.”  Despite their strange appearance, numerous heretical-tologists were more than happy despite the low level ego to welcome the discernmentalists into the herd….however they were quickly hovering over thew new discernmentalists species in hopes of catching them in heresy (just in case they were indeed phonies!!!)

We at ODMafa welcome the NEW found discernmentalists to our our discerning brotherhood!

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