Boycott Universal(ist) Studios!

June 1, 2009

Universal(ist) Studios has just been bought by the emerging church! Yes, now anytime you go to see a Universal(ist) Studio movie you will first have to sit through those who believe in Unlimited or Universal Atonement! Yes we make no distinction between Universalism, Christian Universalism, Universal (Unlimited) Atonement or Universal Reconciliation… not one difference! Now luckily for all of us the emerging church has made it easy for us to tell which movies to avoid. Each movie is coded with a secret message. Any movie that has “Universal(ist) in the title simply pass by.

For example:

Land of the Lost (Proof the emerging church knows they are lost!)

Drag me to Hell (Proof the emerging church knows where they are going)

Public Enemies (Proof the emerging church recognizes what they really are)

Funny People (Proof the emerging church is laughing at us all!)

The Boat that Rocked (Proof that the emerging church wants to rock the boat and change everything we have built ourselves with our Doctrines!)

Yes, like our Beloved Uncle Ken Silva’s great and well researched articles we make no real effort to make sure what we say is accurate or true!

Eric Barger ready to devour his denomination!

June 1, 2009


Eric Barger of Take a Stand Ministries is on a roll. He needs our backing so he can create more division in the Nazarene Denomination. You see while those evil liberal emergents Nazarenes are out drinking lattes and Guinness discussing how to reach today’s generation with the Gospel of the Kingdom, Eric wants them to stop that and debate HIM! Yes. His only demand is that those anti-bible emerging Nazarenes use their dusty bibles they set their Guinness beers on.

 We here at ODMafia though agree with Eric Barger that there may be no need for debate as he has already declared himself the winner!

 The ever hip and relevant Eric Barger stated as a popular networking site about the debate:

“So, as has been stated on a popular social networking website, I would embrace publically (Eric’s spelling) debating  any of these Emergent thinkers (Nazarene or otherwise) providing that the ground rules for such a debate were simply to examine the merits of Emergent beliefs using the Bible and the Bible alone as the literal interpreter of truth. Such a debate would serve to illustrate how far removed Emergent thinking and literature is from authentic Christianity – which is perhaps why thus far there have been no takers.”

 Yes, we already won as Eric is already the winner! We agree and also declare him the winner! Great job flushing out those non- authentic Christians who believe we should also look at cultural and historical contexts as well as teach about the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven as they claim Jesus taught! Praise God for men like Eric Barger who are willing to take a stand and cause division while causing quarrels with his fine sounding arguing over controversies! Without men like that, we might reach unity in the Spirit and that might hurt the Truth War and OUR Doctrines!

 It is so great also to see that the “issues” Eric speaks of are so important he does not even state what they are in his own newsletter. In fact as I read over his “emerging” information on his site, I could see he has NO CLUE! Yes! He does not even understand the difference between “emerging” and “Emergent”! In fact I was so confused by his sites “information”, I was at first upset, until I realized what he was doing! He is a true Truth Warrior who can toss out accusations without substance and still thinks he sounds…. Intelligent! Yes, Eric Barger is truly an author of confusion! We here at the ODMafia stand in awe while we take a stand!

 Luckily for us all, most of his readers are too stupid and easily manipulated by his superior ability to make something out of nothing. Thank God we have roaring lions like Eric Barger looking for someone to devour in the name of OUR Truth!

Now not that any true Truth Warrior would want this, but maybe if Eric understood something as simple as the difference between “emerging” and “Emergent” someone might take him serious as an authority on the topic. But, since he already won the debate we might as well not go there!

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