Boycott Universal(ist) Studios!

Universal(ist) Studios has just been bought by the emerging church! Yes, now anytime you go to see a Universal(ist) Studio movie you will first have to sit through those who believe in Unlimited or Universal Atonement! Yes we make no distinction between Universalism, Christian Universalism, Universal (Unlimited) Atonement or Universal Reconciliation… not one difference! Now luckily for all of us the emerging church has made it easy for us to tell which movies to avoid. Each movie is coded with a secret message. Any movie that has “Universal(ist) in the title simply pass by.

For example:

Land of the Lost (Proof the emerging church knows they are lost!)

Drag me to Hell (Proof the emerging church knows where they are going)

Public Enemies (Proof the emerging church recognizes what they really are)

Funny People (Proof the emerging church is laughing at us all!)

The Boat that Rocked (Proof that the emerging church wants to rock the boat and change everything we have built ourselves with our Doctrines!)

Yes, like our Beloved Uncle Ken Silva’s great and well researched articles we make no real effort to make sure what we say is accurate or true!

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