The Day the Discernmentalist Stood Still

June 2, 2009


The original 1951 sci-fi classic was a Christ allegory of sorts… but this time it is about absolute truth and written by ghost writer Eric Barger of Take A Stand Ministries. In his story, they tap into the deep myth of a keen but angry judgementalist-alien who destroys everyone but discernmentalists using supersensitive H-ray detectors and death rays. At one point in the movie….and strikingly UNUSUAL for a DISCERNMENTALIST.….he stands STILL (but only for a moment!) ODMafia wonders how a TRUE discernmentalist would ever stand still in light of heresy these days.

The super-alien paints everyone with a broadbrush, making accusatory remarks using presumption as his ammunition while he trudges through New York city meting out his righteous indignation. ODMafia however did enjoy the H-Ray Detector scenes….and heretics getting blasted with death rays.

Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries Notes Rick Warren’s Outrageous-Heretical-Emergent-Error, ODmafia notes Bad Grammar- And Bad Hair Cut Statements

June 2, 2009

reconcile2Eric Barger’s Take  A Stand Ministries (TSM), often on the cutting edge on new hair styles and discernmentalist insights thankfully highlights the following (linked from TSM) about the subversive nature of Rick Warren’s heretical statements (please cover your children’s eyes):

Warren says that he recently told a group of business leaders, (GASP) “The future of the world is not secularism. It’s religious pluralism… The world is becoming more religious, not less. Christianity is growing around the world at a rapid pace through conversion, and Islam is growing at a rapid [rate] due to births…We’re going to have to minister in a context where we…learn how to get along.”

Clearly outrageous that he calls followers of Jesus to get along with non-christians. Luckily for us we cannot locate those pesky verses such as’ love your enemies, do good to those who hate us’ and so on. Love your neighbours? Liberal! Love your enemies? Unbiblical!

If Warren thinks we will get along with everyone….that is complete non sense and so unbiblical. You can also read it here at TRUE DISCERNMENT (another expert discernmentalist) Remember – get mad and angry at your enemies and treat them with contempt!

We NEED to be more like John and James who wanted destruction to reign down on the Samaritan village! We TOO encourage biblical wanton destruction of all who seek a peaceable way of spreading the gospel….unless its a war….its NOT THE TRUTH!

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