The Day the Discernmentalist Stood Still


The original 1951 sci-fi classic was a Christ allegory of sorts… but this time it is about absolute truth and written by ghost writer Eric Barger of Take A Stand Ministries. In his story, they tap into the deep myth of a keen but angry judgementalist-alien who destroys everyone but discernmentalists using supersensitive H-ray detectors and death rays. At one point in the movie….and strikingly UNUSUAL for a DISCERNMENTALIST.….he stands STILL (but only for a moment!) ODMafia wonders how a TRUE discernmentalist would ever stand still in light of heresy these days.

The super-alien paints everyone with a broadbrush, making accusatory remarks using presumption as his ammunition while he trudges through New York city meting out his righteous indignation. ODMafia however did enjoy the H-Ray Detector scenes….and heretics getting blasted with death rays.

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