Discernmentalist Ears


Discernmentalist Ears they’re hardly noticeable while wearing!


Yet another great invention for those who need to better enhances their discernmentalist skills. The New Discernmentalist Ears! Yes, now you can just put these on and “hear” all the heretical stuff you already believe is there!


Here are a few comments from users:

 Mark O D’Beast: My skills were greatly enhanced and now all I hear from Rob Bell is… “Blah, blah, I am a Universalist, Blah, Blah…” I am soooo excited!

Mary Fratgirl: I used to read Brian McLaren books yet now, when I read them out loud I hear what he is really saying!

Here are some celebrity endorsements:

 Ken Silva: “I don’t need it! I am judgmental enough!”

 Eric Barger: “Yes! Rick Warren is the new Antichrist Pope! It is as if my own voice echoed in my head!

 John Chisham: “It enhances the voices already in my head telling me things!”

Remember our motto is: “It’s not what you actually say that is important, only what we think we hear  is important and we  make up the rest!


2 Responses to Discernmentalist Ears

  1. truthslayer says:

    Thanks Itodyaso, this is going to be EXTREMELY helpful in my researchmentalism! This is going to be a BIG boost for all of us heresy hunters.


  2. […] to this blog.   Figuring it was a Robert Morey Parrot attack on this blog I searched  for the source of this high traffic.   It turned out the guilty party causing increased traffic to this blog was a WordPress blog […]


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