Discernmentalist vote to decide if Tim Challies is saved or not!

June 4, 2009



A small group of top notched Discernmentalist held a super secret power summit to cast votes as to whether Tim Challies is truly saved or not! The small group included Sam Guzman and Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea, Ken Silva of CRN and Apprissing Ministries and Truthslayer and I. Todyaso of theODMafia (We gladly accept credit cards in our junk shop. Please be sure to check out out junk like the Spurgeon Coffee Mug). The ballots were a secret ballot in which each discernmentalist would write yes or no as to Tim Challies’ salvation. All went well though the vote was a close 2 to 3 as to Tim Challies being allowed to remain saved until EricBarger of Take a Stand Ministries demanded he also get a vote. At this point they are at a stalemate and the decisionwill have to be made at a later time due to the serious deadlines each ministry has for it’s blogs. (Be sure to also buy one of our t-shirts!) Unfortunately since the vote is a secret ballot we have no idea as to who voted which way.

ODMafia responds to Paul Miller Response To The Challies Review Of “A Praying Life”

June 4, 2009


The blogger The Foolish Galatian foolishly comments “After a great review of Paul Miller’s recent book “A Praying Life” by Tim Challies, the author popped in on the thread and offered his response to some of the gentle critisisms brought up in that review. I commend both men for the kindness and love used in their words.”

Mr Foolish Galatian we demand that if you are a TRUE discernmentalist and a TRUE Biblical Blogging Christian than you need to be MORE:

a) demanding
b) self-righteously angry
c) and START being more harsh
d) snooty
e) self-important

I’m getting really worried with terms like “great review” and “gentle criticisms” and “I commend both men for the kindness and love used in their words.”  Mr. Foolish Galatian -We are in a GREAT TRUTH WAR.

You are TOO soft and patient. We can’t use kindness (or any other fruit of the spirit) during a TRUTH WAR. We cannot let accusations like this spread thru-out the internet…. we will all be tainted!

If you continue as you are people may be edified instead of getting anxious and angry (the way Christians should be) and indignant.

We will be watching you Mr Foolish Galatian. If we get edified….I’m warning you…. you will face my righteous indignation.

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