Truth farm being developed in Toronto

June 5, 2009

farmThanks to our keen news gathering abilities of our Research Robot Monkey’s, we have discovered that Toronto has been working on a Discernmentalist high rise farm known as Discernmentalist Advanced Research Names (DARN). Numerous discernmentalists  are engaged in a heated debate as to whether DARN is a bad word. Different discernmentalists have declared each other anathemas over this very important issue.


This high tech farm will grow new Discernmentalist insults,  discernmentalist ministry names, and insulting phrases.  DARN, according to some in apologists suggest researchmentalism with be advanced by decades maybe by centuries. It is also rumoured to subvert anything that smacks of socialistic tendencies like social safety nets and universal health care.

One unnamed discernmentalist was musing “I can generate more missives in one hour than I could a year ago with this new system….its too bad that it had to be created in a city like Toronto…I hear it is cold there 365 days a year and they still have dirt roads and no electricity.”

Here is the fruit of the emerging church!

June 5, 2009

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