William Lane Craig not up to par

JeansWilliam Lane Craig, renowned apologist found to be sub-par and unable to truly deal with apologetic subjects because he was photographed wearing jeans and had discarded his tie – so says the elite ODMs and their affiliates the ODM Religious Police.

He has authored or edited over thirty books including the ABCs of Super Thinking, and You are Not As Smart As Me (An expose of the logical inconsistencies of the online discernmentalist crowd) and My High IQ is Your Problem Not Mine. ODMS are still furious and attempting to discernmentalize many of his books.

A very popular site describing itself as a news service (mostly of all the worst of Christendom), yet oddly enough delivering commentary on bad news but suggesting it is NOT an ODM was rumoured to have said “It is sad these days to see such horrific examples such as Christians wearing jeans….not like the good old days like the 1940s and 50s when purity reigned America…”

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