Truth Drone to patrol Michigan-Ontario border

droneDETROIT – Online Discernmentalist Ministries plan to use an unmanned aircraft to patrol the border between Michigan and Ontario.

Online Discernmentalist Ministries and Border Protection spokesman John MacArthur tells the Detroit Free Press that the Truth Warrior drone aircraft likely would be based in the Alpena, Mich., area.

These special aircraft will independantly seek out and expose anything that does not agree with his doctrinal positions automatically taping a scarlett letter to the perpetrators and forcing them to go to a book signing of his latest pitch. Anyone caught trying across the national border with unapproved bible related material will be caught and returned to their home and native land after severe questioning, theological quizzes. Canadians may be subject to additional tests if they prove that they have voted for a political leader that is slightly left leaning.

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