buzzOur partner Eric Barger and his valiant and very couragous ministry TAKE A STAND MINISTRIES notes about the Emergent Church that they “Have buzzword phrases like “Missional Christianity,” “Incarnational Christianity,” “Conversational Christianity” and “Relational Christianity” been attached to the identity of your church?” Apart from the fact that he is not clear as to whether he is speaking of the Emerging Church or the Emergent Church….we are VERY prepared to be upset over the outrageous apostasy! Be aware of the buzzwords (also buzz-saws, and buzzards)!

“Missional Christianity” – VERY Dangerous! Be leery of Christians who make sharing their faith a lifetime practice.

“Incarnational Christianity,” Being Jesus to the world, and living out that vocation….also very dangerous and heretical.

“Conversational Christianity” Come on….conversations? Talking to non-believers, discussion your faith…and leading them to Christ? Having conversations with other fellow believers….NO WAY. No conversations. We Bible Believers talk and you unbeliever, apostate, lost sinners must sit back and listen. No convo. We talk. You listen.

If you catch ANYONE in your church attempting to share their faith or witness to others in such ways, conversing, or trying to act as Jesus would desire us to please report them to ODMAFIA or Eric ASAP!

This has got to stop or this will spread like wild fire!

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