Ken Silva Denies Trinitarian Doctrine?

June 12, 2009


Dear ODMafia,

My eyes must have deceived me as I read Ken Silva who was doing a great job at slamming Phylis Tickle. I was jamming along to the great research of our dear Affectionate Uncle Ken when I decided to listen to Phyllis Tickle and hear for myself her teaching all religions are the same.

Yet, as I listened before and after the section Ken Silva selected I was amazed to here Phyllis Tickle affirm the Trinity many times and stated that the mystery of the Trinity as well as other makes Christianity… Different. In fact the whole sermon seemed to stress the differences between Christianity and other religions. Of course this confused me.

“I wanna be real sure that what I say, is-is-is what you hear. In this day and time—and one of the things about increasing globalization, and media, and information-swap—we’re hearing more and more about the fact that all religions are the same. That all religions go the same place; that all religions are very alike, that probably they all speak to the same God.

And they differ from each other simply because they are in dif— different cultural contexts. There is a degree of truth that says, that most religions share a common wisdom; that is to say, we want the same things for humanity, we believe in some of the same moral values—that’s absolutely true. But, religions differ in their mysteries. (A Treasure We Don’t Understand, 12:39-13:29) And it is the mysteries that we must hold to ourselves as Christians and say that “This is what defines us as Christians.” And of the two or three of the defining mysteries that mark us as Christians one is the doctrine of the Trinity. The fact we are Trinitarians.” (13:59)

I was surprised that Ken Silva would purposely deceive me and others by not giving the fullness of Phyllis Tickles quote. Now I can only think of a few things that could be going on. Either Ken Silva knows more than what is stated and hears beyond what is stated and can discern what was meant?… or He lied about what is stated?… Or Ken denies the Trinity?… Or is Ken just dumb as a stump? Or is Ken just in it for the money and does whatever it takes? Or is Ken so decieved by Satan that he cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth?  Please listen to the whole sermon and give your thoughts as to what Ken Silva could be trying to prove.


Happily Open Minded

Dear Happily Open Minded,

 I think you are just an idiot who really does not trust true ODM’s so therefore does not trust the God of OUR doctrines. You seem to have real trust issues that our Affectionate Uncle Ken would be so bold as to state lies about someone to tear down their ministry. To think that Ken Silva would lower himself to libel slander and bearing false witness proves to me you are not even saved. Are you sure you are Elect? Have you made your Election sure? If not you are surely going to Hell in a postmodern handbag with Rob Bell and Phyllis Tickle.

True ODM’s do not lie, we revise reality to fit our needs!

Grateful sinners will burn,

I. Todayso 


June 12, 2009


What should you do if discernmentalist Eric Barger shows up at your church?

* Prayer (conduct Spiritual Warfare!)

* Dialog (ask questions)

* Confront (Matthew 18)

* Warn Others!

Finally, we recommend NO eye contact!

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