What should you do if discernmentalist Eric Barger shows up at your church?

* Prayer (conduct Spiritual Warfare!)

* Dialog (ask questions)

* Confront (Matthew 18)

* Warn Others!

Finally, we recommend NO eye contact!


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  2. Arthur McJohn says:

    Matthew 18? The only portion of Matthew 18 I recomend is verses 6-9. I’ve applied to my own life, getting rid of some sinful organs so now I am 200% more pure both physically and doctrinally.


  3. kristen says:

    this is not true Eric barger is here to save people and tell about jesus. if you belive his then you can but i am one of eric bargers good friends and he will NEVER STOP! he is doing what he has been called to do and NOTHING can change that! so you say what you want but he will never give up!
    thats all(: god bless you all!!!(:


    • truthslayer says:

      Thanks Kristen.

      in all seriousness…

      We believe that Eric seeks to serve the Lord and we see him as a fellow believer…but with that said we think that there are some issues to be had.

      In his zeal to ‘protect’ the church he needs to rethink some issues and be better informed (with his best intentions I think he can sometimes be misleading).

      As an example, only a few months ago here at our satire site he…
      a) accused the wrong person of writing an article
      b) failed to actually define what he was critquing
      c) drew wrong conclusions

      This is typical of his articles he posts….a microcosm to the way he approaches discernment/apologetics. He often misreads and misunderstands a variety of ministries because he simply does not seem to understand (naively, or willfully or other).

      There is truth with his articles, but he needs to take the time to think things thru and do better research. Moreover, being attached to the likes of Worldview News and Olive Tree Ministries only exacerbates the problem. They have a strong tendency to lense things thru a worldview of modernism/capitalism/conservatism (american gospelism)….yet claim he (them) fully ‘bible based.’ Therefore ideologically driven…in which case if Eric is in the ministry of discernment….why does he not see this? He’s got 27 yrs experience etc etc????… and when it comes to various movements such as the Emerging Church fails to understand it in historical context….but instead generalizes and stereotypes the movement as if it is all monolithic and the same.

      Finally, I think Eric is sincere, he seems to be nice (at least in his interviews) but honestly needs to step back and tweak his discernment approach. I think he is ‘discerning’ many of the wrong this and tends to be sensational about it at times as well.

      so that is why we satirize….to make people think, ask questions, and get them to get into their bibles to understand that apologetics etc is more than finding faults and boogeymen. There are better sources to draw from as well that are BETTER equipped to handle such questions (ie John Armstrong, Ravi Zacharias and others)

      Hope that helps…pass it on!


  4. Julieanne says:

    If you believe Eric to be sincere and a fellow believer, then why do you publicly make fun of him ~ even condemn him? That seems more of a secular way of doing things than a biblical one. Why don’t you pick up the phone, call him, and talk with him like a brother in the Lord? This means of communication is not edifying.


    • truthslayer says:

      Julieanne, I and others from ODMafia have had email discussions with Eric. He has accused the wrong authors of writing particular things ie won’t take the time to actually understand the who/what/where/why, then misunderstood points, and then built strawman arguments to ‘defend’ himself. We encourage discussion with Eric… but sometimes the discussions are not always helpful. As noted we satirize Eric and use His methods to ‘discernmentalize him.’

      We do satire here only because we DONT agree with the methods and ways that many of the online ‘discernment ‘ crowd do ‘discernment. That is the point of the ODMAFIA.


    • Gwen says:

      I agree Julieanne, there are so many Church leaders out there that are unwilling to even talk about subjects that Eric is speaking on because they dont want to step on any toes, the only fear we should have as leaders is not in man but in God alone he is using Eric to open eyes and ears to what so many don’t even have a clue about,,,,, I pray that those eyes and ears be decerning to what is being spread around the world and even in your little churches around home open your Bibles to the truth and let the Holy Spirit lead you ~


      • truthslayer says:

        The problem with Mr Barger is that he does not truly understand the issues, and therefore overgeneralizes and often misleads his readers (that is why he is parodied). Just because someone claims to be ‘bible believing’ does not mean that they have bible understanding – nor a decent handle on a number of subjects. While I think Mr Barger has a lot of zeal and passion, he has caused damage and church fractures through his lack of understanding, and misunderstandings. If you are looking for a good apologist – please look elsewhere. Anyone with any discernment should be able to see this. I would recommend reformed teacher/author John Armstrong’s blog for starters.


  5. Andrea says:

    Wow…this is pretty shocking behavior from a brother in Christ! (I am not referring to Barger’s, but Mr. “Truthslayer”).
    Please Mr. Barger, do not be discouraged…there are still many of us believers out here who can discern…thank you for your faithful service which I have always found to be loving, gentle, and sola scriptura.


  6. itodyaso says:

    Really we are here to shock and make someone notice that Barger does not do real research. I have even asked him to speak with me but he seems to run away when I ask simple questions like… What is the difference between Emergent and emerging? He really does not know… so he stays away from anyone who shows him for what he is. Someone has already documented that he has gone to see a speaker and twisted his words... in fact if you can see his own videos and read the comments that call him out on how he twisted the words of this speaker… is that integrity? Not in my book. If Barger changes his ways and does real research, we would be very happy to excommunicate him from this blog as a legitimate Discernment ministry, but until he does that, we will hold him accountable for his lies, slander and bearing false witness as to warn others about him and his so-called ministry. I mean I listened to the first minute of Barger’s youtube.com video and heard at least 5 quotes out of context and twisted to be outright lies.

    Now I do recommend two off the top of my head I would wholeheartedly back.. even if I do not agree with them all the time.

    Bible Answer Man
    Ravi Zacharia
    And here is a bonus one… CARM Ministry

    Look them up and see the difference between a legitimate discernment ministry and someone like Barger. Again, if you read the comments he even puts this site down and acts like we have never contacted him or asked to speak with him about his ignorance… instead he spreads more lies and states we are “how low” the debate had gone… ummm what debate? Eric Barger runs away from us like darkness from Light! What is he afraid of? Us? No… accountability for his words. We pray he finds integrity and seeks to right the damage he has done to others families, ministries and churches with his careless words BEFORE it is too late.

    Use some REAL discernment. The most telling statement Barger says in his video is.. “At least I take it to mean that…” which seems to have NOTHING to do with what was actually stated.


    • FollowsTheWay says:

      Bible Answer Man: Hank celebrates the pope’s christ-mass? Saturnalia never had it so good.

      Ravi Zacharia I like the occultic infinity symbol on his home page…not.

      And here is a bonus one… CARM Ministry Proudly introducing itself as a yoked-up ministry of the state (aka IRS 501c3) goes a long way to instill Christian confidence…ummmm, no.

      Please, no more “bonuses.”


  7. sharon says:

    Sorry, Eic doesn’t need your approval or disapproval.He will be rewarded for his stand for truth by the God, who he obeys. Keep up the good work, Eric!


    • itodyaso says:

      Sadly Henry, Eric may be rewarded for misusing the truth and in how he misrepresents people. God said something about not bearing false witness against others did He not? Eric seems to think he is above that… and apparently you do also. I am sure God will sort it all out for you both in His time. So, really it is not my standard I care that Eric lives up to… nor my approval, but rather that Eric pleases God. I am sure that hurting others with misinformation is not that pleasing to God.


  8. Becky says:

    If Mr. Barger was to come to my church I would praise the Lord for allowing him to be there and would sit down and be prepared to hear God’s Truth applied to our lives! So glad he has remained obedient to the calling of God on his life!

    Your “name” says it all, Truthslayer. You do kill the truth, don’t you?!? If what you say is true – and I don’t believe one word of it, by the way – than you must be talking to a man who happens to bare the same name as Eric Barger and not the Eric Barger of Take A Stand! Ministries. Got news fer ya, he would answer all your questions in a precise and Biblically factual manner any time, every time! Period. He’s not afraid of the Truth, nor does he attempt to “slay” it. Apparently you do….’nuff sed.


  9. lj says:

    Does any one have any information about Eric’s schooling? I can’t find any thing. I writing a paper to refute a “paper” he wrote. Reading his “papers” it’s painfully obvious that he has no training in logic and argumentation.His style strikes me as a “rip and read”, no scholarship or critical thinking required.


    • itodyaso says:

      Most of the ODM’s have not gone to “school” and prefer to refer to ourselves as “self taught” so we can claim “God taught us”… those that have gone to school usually went to some fundamentalist school that did not allow for training in logic as that would interfere with having a thought outside of the preferred brand of fundamentalism we are attuned to. So, most likely, while we are very well versed in “arguing”, there will be very little cohesiveness in our “argumentation”… which as you may notice usually ends with name calling and raising false accusation… IOW we just make stuff up and try to get idiots to send us money to legitimize our “ministry”.


  10. Bk says:

    We don’t believe anything you’r saying about Eric Barger. He is a true Christian letting other Christians and churches (that have been duped by a purpose driven life,which our church has been) be aware of what’s going on in our churches today. HE DOES DO HIS HOMEWORK on the subjects he preaches on. SHAME ON YOU for trying to destroy his work. We support him all the way!


    • truthslayer says:

      We wish that Eric was actually committed to proper research. Just because someone mentions that they are biblical / biblically truthful, bible believing (or includes the name Jesus) does not make them a good researcher. He provides information without analysis, using buzz words and catch phrases, overgeneralizing and completely failing to understand his subject matter. As for his DVD video “Death of Discernment” should be used to review his own Take A Stand Ministries. I think Take A Stand unintentionally misleads his audience, and in his zeal for truth (which appears to be entrenched cultural evangelism) has according to one pastor split a church and elsewhere caused division. I can’t see how this is furthering the kingdom of God.

      As I just that you will spend some time carefully sifting what is really true. All the best.


  11. kellie says:

    You suppose yourself to be so cute and creative. You must live the Emergent nonsense. While biblical truth is going down in flames you mock a man who cares enough to stand in the gap. Shame on you. How foolish.


    • itodyaso says:


      I have challenged Eric a few times to debate his lies and garbage, but he seems to want to hide behind them and make money instead. That is biblical truth… beware wolves who want your money and use lies and slander to get it.


  12. Tyrone Pile says:

    Here i am in 2012 the year of our most high GOD,along with JESUS the most high priest ,and also the HOLY SPIRIT,which is the HOLY COMFORTER from the beginning time who was with us all of us partakers in his rest.I listen to one of Brother Eric videos and was enlighten of the these he spoke about on Chrislam and i never hear the brother put the people of islam into disrepute but only put they prophet and its GODS and LAWS under the submission of the TRUE and MOST HIGH GOD and then on further research they have people in the body of CHRIST that would come against him.Well my brother and sisters i did read Matthew 18 ,our faithful GOD dont want anyone to perish that is why 1 CORINTHIANS chapter 4 would let the world know we have no power to judge but in Hebrews he gave us our intended pre-destine roles to share and to minister to the world of his salvation and his mercies


  13. Andro says:

    Not just parody and satire, but without realizing it, your “discerning” website is filled with irony.


  14. Dr Thomas Turrentine says:

    Through out the Bible, we all hold dearly, are warnings of false profits and teachers. I encourage each and all to re-read these warnings and directions how to handle them I Matthew 7:15; 23:1-39, 16:11-12, 2 Peter, Acts 20:28-30 and 2 Tim. 4: 3-4 and the book of Jude. Your fear can only abated by your own Faith, not be someone else’s. Mr. Barger’s fear of liberalism and his solution of closing your self off from others and hold your own shield of Faith in front and trying to understanding why these people need to be feared. You might find out that they are not to be feared. They may only need to see your example of fearless Faith You may be fearing your own doubts and afraid you will understand their positions. These will not shake your own Faith unless you let it. Be strong in yourself and not with the false shield of Barger and others. The Faith in Christ is the only shield you need.


  15. Christen says:

    God have mercy on us all. Why He would want to spend eternity with any of us is beyond me. I’m sorry I came on to your site. Turn and spend your time more wisely.


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