Freakin Liberals!

liberalWe ODMs love to pick on liberals. They are easy targets…anyone who does not agree with us = liberal. Calvinist? Liberal! Arminian? Liberal! Interpretation of inerrency not the same as mine? Liberal! Not an inerrentist? Liberal!Explanation of the atonement not the same? Liberal! Do you listen to a preacher we don’t like? Liberal! You once voted for for a Democrat? Liberal! Think outside the box? Liberal!

You see – you can believe in the resurrection, trinity, virgin birth and divinity of Christ….and yet still be a “liberal” if your theology is NOT LIKE OURS!

Liberal = Unbeliever.

We are the DETERMINER of who is IN and OUT with respect to salvation and WE possess THE CORRECT DOCTRINES….we have  INSIGHT…LOTS OF INSIGHT! Imbibe from our selected spiritual trough!

For more expert insights on liberalism see Eric Barger’s Take A Stand or Slice of Laodicea. Otherwise stick with the ODMAFIA, let us do the discerning so you don’t have to!


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