They Like (Another) Jesus But Not the Church, the Bible, Morality, or the Truth says Abomination Nation

DonkeyAbomination Nation has been on the prowl for heresy just like ODMafia. They have found false teaching in the likes of Dan Kimball. Here are the offending insights as charged by Abomination Nation:

“According to Kimball, it is vitally important that we as Christians be accepted by non-Christians and not thought of as abnormal or strange. But in order to do that, he says we must change the way we live and behave. He says things like Christian bumper stickers (p. 40) and Christian words like “fellowship,” (p. 41) are “corny” and might offend a non-believer or seeker. Kimball insists (p. 19) that “those who are rejecting faith in Jesus” do so because of their views of Christians and the church. “

I don’t know about you readers but I was offended! How dare Kimball suggest that we NOT cheapen the gospel by using bumper sticks to uphold our faith, that it may indeed cause non-believers to reject Jesus. I say we we go beyond bumper sticker and create Jesus Gum, Bible stamps, license plate Jesus, Apostle Candy Bars, Crucifix Spice (it would have a LOT of kick)…and anything else we can create to reduce the gospel to glib sayings and trinketry…so that people KNOW that Christianity is about reducing the gospel to a sound bite or a marketing scheme

Just when I thought Kimball had stepped over the line regarding bumper stickers he then is inclined to think that the word fellowship was a bit “corny.” That is the LAST STRAW!!!! When I was a teen I thought the word fellowship was the height of DORKINESS. But now that I have been swimming in the world of Christian jargon (ie Christianese) I have succumbed to the WORD (no pun intended…well maybe). I no longer notice how odd the word sounds…but I guess he may be right. But…who cares if we alienate non-Christians within or outside the Church…its about us, about me, and I give NO regard to anyone else if that may be a stumbling block. Corny stays. We like tradition….

So finally WE WILL KEEP our word FELLOWSHIP, and our BUMPER STICKERS, and if a few non-believers, trip, and fall over these things who cares….besides they are unbelievers.  Its time the church stopped caring about unbelievers anyway….they are not in the church so who needs em? We need to uphold our traditions like the apostles did when they had bumper stickers on their donkeys when they travelled from town to town.


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