They respect Jesus says Kimball!

danAbomination Nation, an elite discernment ministry has discovered some subversive things about Dan Kimball. Here is an excerpt from the ministry: “Abomination Nation suggests “Dan Kimball’s new book, They Like Jesus But Not the Church should really be called They Like (Another) Jesus But Not the Church, the Bible, Morality, or the Truth.” 

Abomination Nation suggests Kimball change the name of the book because a LESBIAN suggests she””like(s) and respect Jesus” but they don’t want anything to do with going to church or with those Christians who take the Bible literally.”

HOW dare a Lesbian like Jesus and NOT us! Preposterous! Shouldn’t us SINLESS Christians be liked too? Especially since we got it all together. How dare Jesus get all the spotlight – what nerve! This is as bad as that prostitute condemned by the Pharisees and religious teachers and then Jesus getting all high and mighty and forgiving her! That prostitute had some nerve being forgiven and that lesbian has NO right to like Jesus…. 

The ODMafia has the right to decide who can and cannot like Jesus… make sure you check with us first!

One Response to They respect Jesus says Kimball!

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    Those sinners don’t like Jesus. They love some kind of weird-hippie who talked about non-sensical semiemergent crap like loving your neighbour, selling all your wealth and give it to the poor, forgiving prostitutes, fulfiling the law (what the hell is this??). Just try to apply those “teachings” and our almighty, sinless western christendom will run astray!


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