SoL NOT A Discernment Ministry

confused-monkeySlice of Laodicea (SoL) claims that it is NOT a discernment ministry rather it is a “a non-interactive news and commentary site regarding the state of the contemporary evangelical church.”

A)     Non-interactive means that you cannot provide public feedback thereby controlling the information that is piped to your mind (ie thought control)

B)     Commentary means that one comments on particular events in the contemporary evangelical scene (ie observations, notes, remarks) But we suppose that they are NOT discerning remarks???

What ODMafia would like to know is that is the difference between commentary (ie notes, ideas and views) and discernment?

Is SoL therefore NOT applying discernment when reviewing articles but simply placing random words together?

Regardless, ODMAFIA fully endorses random ideas, incoherence and muddle thinking when it comes to defending the truth!

SoL provides commentary but not discernment? So what SoL is saying is that it is NOT discerning? I would agree that SoL’s LACK of discernment would CERTAINLY be coherent with SoL and their goals.

However, as a supporter of ODMs we stick together in perfect unity and I must pledge my full and blinding allegiance to Slice of Laodicea.

One Response to SoL NOT A Discernment Ministry

  1. […] note that we found that former non-discernmentalist Slice of Laodicea is also linked to communism even before our mighty partnership […]


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