Online discernmentalist ministries builds straw man

June 15, 2009

burningmanThe Online Discernmentalist Mafia in conjunction with Apprising Ministries, Abomination Nation, Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries, Herescope, Slice of Laodicea and Paul Proctor have secretly built a straw man….to burn down. We would like to caution that this is not an ordinary straw man. It stands 25 ft tall, built out of wood chips, discarded lumber and 80% heresy-free straw….and of course shaped like a man. A real strawman with a backbone! Apprising Ministries REFUSED to build this Straw Man without a backbone.

I quoted myself (no one better to quote) insightfully suggesting “A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s.”  Like other ODMs, we at the ODMAfia enjoy misrepresenting our opponents because winning at all costs and being right is vital to our discernmentalist ministry of truth. Fabrication, misleading representations, misunderstood statements and placing words in the mouths of our victims apostates is important to sustain our very truth loving ministries that we support. ODMs rest on the foundations of such virtues!

We also believe that we NEED to be perceived as being correct 100% of the time and do not approve of ANY dissent – this may lead to thinking and evaluating truth for yourselves (which we FORBID). 

A special thanks must be said to ITodyaso. He made an exceptional donation of $320,000 to fund the project. We think he had to sell a family member to do it, but heck he’s loyal to ODMs. Thanks ITodyaso…I just hope you didn’t dip into my bank account….again!

Slice of Laodicea, Apprising Ministries Fixated With Spines and Warren!!

June 15, 2009

rick666jpgThe ODMAfa Research Robot Monkeys have noted that Apprising Ministries has referenced the word “spine” in its many forms over the past few years. Slice of Laodicea has appears to be getting in on this fashionable trend….just when we thought that ODMs were always attempting to avoid trendy movements and clichés

 “Joseph Farah in today’s commentary at WorldnetDaily addresses the real problem in this country—hireling, spineless pastors.” In some strange and illogical connection (which we fully endorse) they noted that Rick Warren, failing to uphold scripture has according to SoL “contributing richly to the moral chaos in this country. He knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s his followers that seem to be clueless.”

SoL in its ever growing insightfulness has nailed down the problems in America: RICK WARREN!

Warren is causing moral chaos. 

Warren is likely to blame of the economic fall-out too.

Warren also kills little puppies when no one is watching.

Warren has a secret remote-control that operates Obama who IS really an android.

We MUST stop the WARREN menace!

PS for more “spine” references click here


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