The Emergence of Postmodern Apostles of Unbelief

200328134-001Slice of Laodicea (SoL), citing Apprising Ministries notes “Apprising Ministries shares some thoughts in this brief missive contrasting the embrace of of alleged mystery in the postliberal Emergence like Rob Bell with real men of God like Charles Spurgeon.” While ODMafia recognizes that both the Apostle James and Paul call us NOT to compare one Christian to another…we will ignore these men in the light of expert discernmentalists such as Apprising and SoL.

We are still perplexed by the post-liberal reference. What exactly is a post-liberal? Although most realize that I have an answer for everything I had to go on a research mission unfolding the “eleged mystery” so here it goes…

Post-liberalism: “Partly a reaction to the modern, individualist, rationalist and romantic trends…In contrast to liberal individualism, postliberalism tends toward more tradition-constituted and communitarian accounts of human rationality and personhood….The postliberals argue that the Christian faith be equated with neither the religious feelings of Romanticism nor the propositions of a Rationalist or fundamentalist approach to religion.” Hmmm sounds like an escape from enlightenment thinking – clearly a DANGEROUS movement.

Therefore we are not sure than if Apprising and SoL are attempting to insult Rob Bell (but if history is our guide – we do thank them for their post-haste effort!) – but may not be working in their favour! It is also clear that they are not too clear on the term post-liberalism other than it sounds sophisticated. The ODMafia does not blame them since we also like to use words that make us look smart (its hard to do!!!!)

Clearly we see the emergence of post-modern apostles of unbelief. Believe it or not!


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