Slice of Laodicea (SoL) Builds Commune…Denies New Monasticism

June 17, 2009

SoL is so sickened over the state of the spiritual apostasy that they have decided to leave the world and join a commune. Our keen researchers have discovered that SoL has had enough of the “Purpose-Driven hirelings, Defenders of X-Rated Driscoll, America’s Spiritual Tower of Babel, the Usual Suspects, marketing blowout of  thinly disguised gathering for pastors, dreadlocks, left-wingers, socialism, suntans, spiritually aberrant speakers, emerging evangelical apostasy and people from New Jersey.”

communeSoL reportedly said (according to a neighbour) “we need to stay away from sinners, and Babble-on. We are the only remaining pure group in the world and therefore we need to remain so. “This is not New Monasticism…” a spokesman announced, “it is SoL’ism.” SoL has not announced where they will move to however they are considering three distinct places to avoid contamination; Utah, the moon or even Mars. The latter two will require technology from Take A Stand Ministries Bible Based Satellite (BS).

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