CS Lewis exposed as a Church of England Pagan says Abomination Nation

June 20, 2009

Pagans-1ODMAfia has noted that Abomination Nation is tops when it comes to discernmentalism. It has all the qualifications of a ministry called by God: misinformation, guilt by association, haphazard research, outrageous statements mixed with a sense of holiness, urgency and feverish zealousness (ODMafa encourages and endorses such discernmentalist practices).

In an expose on the shady character of Chuck Colson we find that he was converted in part by reading CS Lewis. BAD! BAD! BAD! Christians are so undiscerning these days that they will lower themselves to read almost anything….what a shame.

I’m shocked and so should you because Abomination Nation notes “Lewis’ theology is a garbled mixture of some ideas from the Bible, more from the Anglo-Catholic Church, and many from pagans.”

Let me review for a second:

CS Lewis’s is a garbled mixture of the a) Bible b) Anglo-catholic Church c) pagans

This is unlike the non-muddled, non-garbled  research observed at Abomination nation. THANK-GOODNESS for ABOMINATION NATION’s psuedo-research. Surely you must have done some co-work with Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries!

Yep…Lewis was a pagan. But worse than being a pagan he was a member of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Worse still we read “among others. Lewis was a member of the apostate Church of England, an institution whose history is based largely on theological compromise with Rome

The fact that Abomination Nation was insightful enough to note the dark and sinister CS Lewis and Church of England connection is enough to make me want to toss my cookies. What was Lewis thinking about when he associated himself with some of the best hymn writers, theologians, preachers in the Christian West? 

Clearly we must stay away from CS Lewis and his garbled message….

Trio of actors ready for “Clash of the Discernmentalists”

June 20, 2009



LOS ANGELES  -Several famous discernmentalists are joining the cast of  a rebooted “Clash of the Discernmentalists“,” the real life story of Geek-gods (not Greek because we know Greeks are all pagans) of discernmentalism epic being directed by Ingrid Schrueter of Slice of Laodicea fame.

The rumoured plot is as follows….

Eric Barger stars as himself (but nicknamed Perseus) is surrounded by several characters include Ken Silva, and myself (Truthslayer) who embarks on a quest to discernmentalize the church. Rick Warren one of America’s most recognizable faces, will play the one of the main Stygian Witches as he normally plays in real life. Gregory Boyd, and Bill Hybels make cameo appearances and are said to play Warren’s evil underlings.

Along the way our hero’s discover that CS Lewis (known in the movie as CS Kraken) under the cloak of Christianity has penned several pagan novels (rumoured to be promoted by Rick Warren) CS Kraken must be taken down before his insidious literature infects the world at large with ideas that are not permitted. But before long the discernmentalists begin to have disputes over the finer points of theology concerning Poseidon and water baptism. The great clash is climaxed regarding water baptism;  should it be complete immersion, hosing or sprinkling? The gloves then come off over Arminianism vs Calvinism and dan Kimball’s hair…… CS Lewis is conveniently blamed for the dispute due to being an Anglican (ie Church of England). The plot apparently collapses here where the movie takes a segue in an unexpected direction as blood and guts are spilled from both “heros and villains” over a variety of non-essential issues.

Heck I didn’t write the movie – don’t blame me for the for confusion.



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