CS Lewis exposed as a Church of England Pagan says Abomination Nation

Pagans-1ODMAfia has noted that Abomination Nation is tops when it comes to discernmentalism. It has all the qualifications of a ministry called by God: misinformation, guilt by association, haphazard research, outrageous statements mixed with a sense of holiness, urgency and feverish zealousness (ODMafa encourages and endorses such discernmentalist practices).

In an expose on the shady character of Chuck Colson we find that he was converted in part by reading CS Lewis. BAD! BAD! BAD! Christians are so undiscerning these days that they will lower themselves to read almost anything….what a shame.

I’m shocked and so should you because Abomination Nation notes “Lewis’ theology is a garbled mixture of some ideas from the Bible, more from the Anglo-Catholic Church, and many from pagans.”

Let me review for a second:

CS Lewis’s is a garbled mixture of the a) Bible b) Anglo-catholic Church c) pagans

This is unlike the non-muddled, non-garbled  research observed at Abomination nation. THANK-GOODNESS for ABOMINATION NATION’s psuedo-research. Surely you must have done some co-work with Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries!

Yep…Lewis was a pagan. But worse than being a pagan he was a member of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Worse still we read “among others. Lewis was a member of the apostate Church of England, an institution whose history is based largely on theological compromise with Rome

The fact that Abomination Nation was insightful enough to note the dark and sinister CS Lewis and Church of England connection is enough to make me want to toss my cookies. What was Lewis thinking about when he associated himself with some of the best hymn writers, theologians, preachers in the Christian West? 

Clearly we must stay away from CS Lewis and his garbled message….

4 Responses to CS Lewis exposed as a Church of England Pagan says Abomination Nation

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    Oh mine!!! I feel really angered by this. We should start a purge in the calvinist world. How can we share our pure calvinism with this pseudoapostate Sproul. This guy loves this pagan Aristotle, and even worse, he also loves this RC Thomas Aquinas!! (note I dindn’t use the word “St” before “Thomas”. That’s because I’ve reached incredible discernmentalist levels!!!).

    Be sure we are the true Truth Warriors because we make Colson look like a liberal.


  2. Gandalfs Beard says:

    How is this satirical?

    People actually believe this stuff. And not without reason. CS Lewis was as Pagan as he was Christian, and for all intents and purposes a Universalist (which is a Good Thing in my book).

    I’m actually surprised that so many Christians (particularly Protestants) don’t “discern” Lewis’s Universalist leanings and revere his books as much as they do.

    The Extreme Fundies have more of a measure of Lewis than the Moderates do (despite the Fundies Frothing Vitriol and seeing Satan lurking in everything they disagree with).

    If the above “satirical” article were an exaggeration I could see the satire. But it reads exactly like many of the websites on Lewis and The Occult.


  3. J.D. says:

    where did you find that t-shirt? I would love to know.


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