Robot Research Monkey’s Un-hacked and Enhanced!

June 22, 2009

RrmRecently there has been several news broadcasts in AP and Reuters that our Robot Research Monkey’s (RRM) had been hacked. The good news is that Itoldyaso and Truthslayer having extraordinary smarts, and Blue Steel looks have rebuilt our Robot Research Monkey’s. Folks there is NO reason to worry – they are back online!

 Here is what is inside our new RRMs:

1)     Titanium outer skin with featuring lead lining to counteract black bombs (EMPs) so that discernmentalism may continue in the event that there is a terrorist attack by subversive Emerging church people like Rob Bell.

2)     100,000 floppy disks in parallel format for almost unlimited storage capacity.

3)     Authentic and registered version of Windows 95 employing Service Pack 1 for operating system research robot monkey stability.

4)     We have employed one hundred 300 baud modems in tandem to scour the internet for discnmentalist stories that will make us look 10 times more righteous than anyone else while scouring the net for sinners.

5)     ODmafia has developed the research chip of righteousness based on Pharisee Technology (a subsidiary of Online Discernmentalist Ministry technology)

6)     Commodore 65 Sprite Graphics capabilities

We promise you better, more righteous discernmentalism than ever before!

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