Basic Judgmental Course Being Offered!

June 23, 2009


If you enrol now you will earn the Introductory Judgmentalist certificate. You will learn such necessary things as:

a) Misquoting your opponents

b) Basic anger techniques with others you disagree with (ie how to show resentment)

c) Using words you don’t understand (ie post-modern, post-liberal) to describe others you are trying to condemn.

d) Elementary researchmentalist techniques of misunderstanding other peoples points of view for the purpose of exposing them in the “light of absolute truth”

This basic introduction will have you judging within a day of earning this special diploma. Without this course you cannot move onto advance discernmentalism including advanced haughtiness techniques.

God inspires ODM with new answer to Emergents. “Bwahahhahaa!”

June 23, 2009



Bwahahhahaa! Is the new answer we are now giving to Emergents as it seems some ODM’s cannot actually give a real answer. Though at first this seems to make a mockery of ODM’s as the bible is clear that we are to not just laugh, but mock and make up more revisionist’s reality (As ODM’s never lie! We only revise reality to our own version and fitting!) against the evil and vile Emerging Church peoples! (Because they love to promote actually doing something with their faith! Sinners!)

You must realize dear reader, not everyone can become a ODM. There is much training and studying that must come before one can be allowed to judge and condemn others. It is not like some Yahoo wannabe can just set up a website or blog and become an ODM overnight! Did you know that you must have a certificate? (Please view our gift shop and buy your own certificate and become an official ODM!)

We here do applaud that Discerning the World at least is great with their revisionist’s reality, and suggest when dealing with emerging people and you cannot come up with a great answer use  “Bwahahhahaa!” instead as they do. That way you can feel superior and not fall into actually caring or loving the person you are talking to. It also works when you really cannot give an answer but still need to sound like you know what you are talking about even when you may not.

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