New optimism on U.S. Discernmentalism, but obstacles remain


The ODMafia Research Robot Monkey’s have noted “The U.S. Congress has started work on a broad overhaul of the Discernmentalism in a rare spirit of optimism, but brewing battles over its haughtiness, balance, humility and objectivity could still scuttle hopes for a solution.”

From President Barack Obama’s declaration that “the stars are aligned” on Discernmentalism to a recent cost-cutting pledge of several discernmentalist groups, momentum has built steadily on an issue that has eluded consensus for decades; the absolute truth. Still discernmentalists were outraged over Obama’s star-alignment  reference.

The first test comes in a few weeks when Congress unveils legislation, launching months of expected wrangling over the specifics discernmentalists; who is the most orthodox, who holds the most truth, who has the best website, who gets the most outraged. The government’s role in a revamp that could cost as much as $1.5 trillion.

“It’s true that the planets are aligned for Discernmentalism as never before, but there are still big obstacles,” said Drew Strawman, president of the Discernmentalism Truth Foundation, a nonpartisan disernmentalist policy group. “We must balance discernmentalism against post-modern liberals and post-modernists..” says Strawman.

The ODMafia stands against any DISCERNMENTALIST reform…especially if Obama and the Democrats are involved! In fact things are fine the way they are….unless he chooses us as the most truthful and orthodox…and we might just accept the task ahead.

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