Do You want to be this guy?

June 25, 2009


Do you want to be this guy? Sure you do. Everyone deep down wants to be a DISCERNMENTALIST. If you act now you keep be just like a him….a bonified Discernmentalist through the prestigious Online Discernmentalist Mafia University. All courses are either approved by or taught by the following: ITodyaso and me- Truthslayer.

We guarantee a quality Discernmentalist Eduction. In the next few weeks we will be offering a variety of discernmentalist courses and graduate level diplomas that will get you through these TOUGH Truth Wars.

SoL Is About Commentary Not Discernment

June 25, 2009

Picture 2

Our Robot Research Monkeys have found the following at Slice of Laodicea “Meanwhile, the mystic warriors of the emerging church tell us that “everything must change”, and that is exactly what these change agents are doing.”

ODMafia would like to make a simple observation – isn’t the whole point of SoL to change things? Nevertheless, we support and uphold convoluted ideas if they support discernmentalism. Let’s change things….but let them remain the same!

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