“Absolute Diploma” a must have!


The Diploma of Absolute Truth is a must have for junior discernmentalists. In this course you will develop a binary way of thinking based on Enlightenment and Modernity. You will learn to reduce complex ideas and theories into a caricatures and misrepresentations. Moreover, this course will help you to fear all sorts of ‘isms’ that you do not understand a mis-characterize such as post-modernism. You will also learn to fear liberals and conservatives with views that different than yours. You will also learn the technicalities of categorizing truth in a liberal vs conservative context. …just like Jesus did.

The course also emphasizes excessive rigidity in worldviews which is necessarily based on a North American culture as THE standard which all else is judged…we recommend that you prepare to be as inflexible as possible before engaging your mind  in this course. Ignorance of history is also recommended.

Prerequisite: Introductory Judgmentalism

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