Eric Barger Creates Re-Tardis!


As an expert discermentalist journalist I have uncovered the latest expose through the help of my research robot monkey sidekicks. Eric Barger dutifully notes an APOSTASY ALERT:
The title of his missive is “APOSTASY ALERT – JUNE 19,2009″!!! 
But how would Eric Barger know that potential apostasy exists when it has not happened yet? Unknown to you readers, we have disclosed a secret that will likely hit news stands across the world!!!! 
We stand (or Take A Stand) at the GREATEST invention of the 21st Century! 

drEric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries has created using his bible based satellite system (BS) something similar to Dr. Who’s Tardis dubbed “RE-TARDIS.”  Its a discernmentalist TIME MACHINE.
That is right! You have read correct!!! He has gone into the near future, recorded Warren’s Apostasy and returned in the present to write his missive.
Rememeber, let the ODMAfia do the discerning for you so that you don’t have to go through the pain of thinking for yourselves.

2 Responses to Eric Barger Creates Re-Tardis!

  1. […] crazy you sound! Hell will be hot… do you feel the heat yet? BTW I guess you have not heard that Eric Barger also has a time machine and can not tell us if someone is going to be heretical before they even […]


  2. […] enough. We here at the ODMafia are on the cutting edge of discernmentalism and will be using the RE-Tardis Time Machine (created by Eric Barger) to go back in time to check out the “facts” regarding this […]


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