Quiz Time!


Sample tests for ODMU


  1. What is the best twist of this emerging heretic’s sentence: “All religions are the same as they lead to death; only faith in Jesus is the Way to Life and salvation.”
    1. See, he admits it! All religions are the same.
    2. I see nothing wrong with that statement.
    3. He says nothing about going to church, being baptized; reading his bible and other things that prove one is a real Christian!


  1. Which statement is from a squishy emerging heretic?
    1. “I’d say Jesus is who the Bible says Jesus is.”
    2. “And I’m happy to tell them that Jesus…that Jesus is also just. He is merciful and He’s kind but He’s also just.”
    3. “Ok…and I and I’m saying not by my standardnot by my standardBy the standard of what I understand from reading the Scripture…”


  1. True or False: “we are saved when we are baptized. Ok, it sounds an awful lot like the Catholic church.”
    1. True
    2. False






1.)    a. or c.

2.)    a. (the others are from John Chisham aka Pastorboy.) a. was spoken by Tony Jones who is an Emergent so it has to be wrong!

3.)    This one is a trick question. If it is from the mouth of an Emergent then it is false but if you are a Lutheran, then we accept this as just a simple difference we overlook. (Lutheran’s like Ingrid Schlueter and Chris Rosebrough are great examples of exceptions to this almost RCC belief!) This is what this course will teach you… how to discernmentalize times when it is important to compromise and set aside minor doctrinal differences like baptismal regeneration to focus attacks on others.


So how did you do? Let us know!

2 Responses to Quiz Time!

  1. truthslayer says:

    You are wise beyond your discernmentalism!


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