Emerging Church Defenders So Riled Up They Leave No Comments

June 28, 2009


Eric Barger, valiant defender of truth, justice and the American Gospelism notes “After reading so many nasty comments on YouTube concerning my video clip exposing the Emergent heresy which is at work inside the Church of the Nazarene, I have decided to weigh in once more and address the Emergent defenders.” Click here

It ALL Comes Down to the Word of God! says Eric Barger. Thats right Eric…integrity, honesty, citing information correctly.

The ODmafia, being huge fans of Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministry fears the Emerging Church retaliation of nasty comments (boy they are mean and scathing). So we did a search on you tube and did a count of the comments.

No Comments whatsoever.

2 Comments…so far nothing nasty :

17 comments…now it gets ‘nasty’

Here is a snippet of one comment “Dude, I was at this same conference in Nampa. It’s hard for me to believe we were at the same event, because I didn’t come away with anything close to what you got out of it.

So was Eric at the same conference?

the commenter gets nastier “ I know many of these theology professors you disparage personally, and they are some of the most Christ-like men and women I know. You should really talk to them directly, rather than some “ex-elder”, whatever that means.

another comment “How can anything said about John Wesley be “heresy?“”

another suggests “Yeah, I was there too, this video is full of misinformation and quotes taken out of context.”

Eric is a fine discernmentalist…but to be sure he is under relentless attacks…likely more than 10 observations that we categorize as mean, nasty, abrasive retaliations. We MUST come to his aid! Most would be crushed and bruised by the above quotes.

We TOO support misinformation, out of context statements as the best way to attack our adversaries. We however side with Eric that NO ONE should critique a critiquer….you see WE ODMS are above criticism.

A horrible threat has come to attack one of our own!

June 28, 2009



A horrible threat has come to attack one of our own!


I received a very excited email that one of our own was caught…. Lying! Now I will address this issue but to appear being fair and to show my incredible discernementalist skill I will address this post by Pastor Scott who is undermining his own denomination by attacking Eric Barger who is a truly gifted and talented discernementalist. Here is a portion of the ridiculous claims of this so-called Pastor Scott!


So called Pastor Scott states:

Secondly, in addressing the concerns made about the EC, I’m going to primarily pay attention to folk like those I have already mentioned and I’m going to virtually ignore most of the “concerned” websites out there. I am doing that on purpose because I have to admit that I absolutely cannot stand the tactics I have seen employed by many of the “Concerned Nazarene” anti-emergent bloggers and self-publishers. I have a number of complaints against them, but my primary complaint is the number of time quotes are taken out of context. This is a frequent practice and very frustrating. Let me give you one example of hundreds. In a highly viewed video on YouTube EC critic Eric Barger quotes writer Brian McLaren as stating that, “The challenge today is not whether you are right but whether you are good.” Barger quotes this sentence in a video taped presentation as evidence that the EC is abandoning truth. The actual quote in context can be found on page 61 of McLaren’s book A New Kind of Christian. Here is the actual quote in context:

“…Neo plunged right back into our conversation: ‘Dan, when it comes to other religions, the challenge in modernity was to prove that we’re right and they’re wrong. But I think we have a different challenge in postmodernity. The question isn’t so much whether we’re right but whether we’re good. And it strikes me that goodness, not just rightness, is what Jesus said the real issue was – you know, good trees produce good fruit, that sort of thing. If we Christians would take all the energy we put into proving we’re right and others are wrong and invested that energy in pursuing and doing good, somehow I think that more people would believe we are right…. I’m not in any way saying truth isn’t important. But I am saying that truth means more than factual accuracy. It means being in sync with God.’”

Not only does Barger not get the quote correct, but in its full context the quote means almost the exact opposite of what he accuses McLaren of saying. In its proper context McLaren’s comment is fairly innocuous and probably something most Christians would agree with. Unfortunately I see this kind of unfairness to the actual statements of those they are criticizing happen quite frequently. In fact, I believe they regularly participate in slander.

I also greatly struggle with the win-at-all-costs mentality displayed by many. I do think standing up for orthodoxy is critical in the Church but I also think we need to heed at least two scriptural warnings. The first is the blindness the Pharisees had to Jesus that led to the “unpardonable sin” of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I take the message of that troublesome text (Luke 12:10) to be that we should always be very careful to call something “not of God” if it indeed may be of God. Second, Ephesus, the first of the seven churches in Revelation 2-3 was praised for having strong filters of orthodoxy but it was chastised for losing its “first love.” I think there is a deep relationship between the way the Church carries its filters of orthodoxy and its demonstration of love. I don’t believe that we have to choose between orthodox doctrine and love, but I think some of the tone and destructive tactics that we are witnessing in the Church over these issues does demonstrate that it is all too easy to lose sight of the centrality of loving one another when contesting over doctrine. And if we lose our love, we have ceased to be Christ’s Church.


Dear heretic Pastor Scott,

How dare you attack the Self Righteousness of Eric Barger and question his ability to read and comprehend and thus question his ability to misrepresent Brian McLaren. Eric Barger of Take a Stand Ministries would never lie… he, being a greatly gifted Discernementalist would only revise the quotes to prove that Brian McLaren is the heretic that Eric and all the rest of us decided he is. For you to stoop so low as to put the quote in context is unbearably irresponsible! You are killing your own denomination with this so called honesty! Do you now see that God needs us to protect him in this Truth War where OUR Doctrines are being torn apart by the emerging church? Do you not see that Truth is so fragile that it must be protected!? Good grief! Are you even a real Christian at all?

My dearest friend Eric is a top notch scholar and even has many videos and cd’s he sells to prove how smart he is! Maybe you need to stay off Youtube.com (most likely viewing the perverted emerging videos) and order some of Eric’s great materials so you can be really educated. You will never understand emerging by reading those from that hideous field of heretical thought. You must get your truth and understanding from the likes of us who can filter out the garbage and tell you how we see it… it does not matter what they really say or what you think they say… it ONLY MATTERS WHAT WE THINK THEY SAY AND REVISE THEIR QUOTES TO MEAN!

I suspect that you may not really be Elect so cannot see the truth if it hit you in the head. You need to read Ken Silva’s missives, Slice of Laodicea, Eric Barger, Discerning the World and most importantly, the ODMafia (We are starting the Discernementalist University so people like you can learn how to discern without questioning us!)

I hope those that read your blog see the error of you ways and understand how crazy you sound! Hell will be hot… do you feel the heat yet? BTW I guess you have not heard that Eric Barger also has a time machine and can not tell us if someone is going to be heretical before they even speak! So in closing I will finish with this… Bwahahhahaa!

Mercy and Grace will follow me all the days of my life,

I Todyaso

(I. Todyaso was mentored by Ken Silva by listening to him on the radio and reading his missives)

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