Emerging Church Defenders So Riled Up They Leave No Comments


Eric Barger, valiant defender of truth, justice and the American Gospelism notes “After reading so many nasty comments on YouTube concerning my video clip exposing the Emergent heresy which is at work inside the Church of the Nazarene, I have decided to weigh in once more and address the Emergent defenders.” Click here

It ALL Comes Down to the Word of God! says Eric Barger. Thats right Eric…integrity, honesty, citing information correctly.

The ODmafia, being huge fans of Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministry fears the Emerging Church retaliation of nasty comments (boy they are mean and scathing). So we did a search on you tube and did a count of the comments.

No Comments whatsoever.

2 Comments…so far nothing nasty :

17 comments…now it gets ‘nasty’

Here is a snippet of one comment “Dude, I was at this same conference in Nampa. It’s hard for me to believe we were at the same event, because I didn’t come away with anything close to what you got out of it.

So was Eric at the same conference?

the commenter gets nastier “ I know many of these theology professors you disparage personally, and they are some of the most Christ-like men and women I know. You should really talk to them directly, rather than some “ex-elder”, whatever that means.

another comment “How can anything said about John Wesley be “heresy?“”

another suggests “Yeah, I was there too, this video is full of misinformation and quotes taken out of context.”

Eric is a fine discernmentalist…but to be sure he is under relentless attacks…likely more than 10 observations that we categorize as mean, nasty, abrasive retaliations. We MUST come to his aid! Most would be crushed and bruised by the above quotes.

We TOO support misinformation, out of context statements as the best way to attack our adversaries. We however side with Eric that NO ONE should critique a critiquer….you see WE ODMS are above criticism.


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