Apprising Sites Post Evangelical Liberal Rebellion Pervesions

dogThe ODMafia research robot monkey’s have this in from Apprising Ministries “It is a sad fact that a perverted, postevangelical, form of Protestant evangelicalism has taken over most of the leadership positions within the apostatizing American Christian Church. Add to this the further entrenchment of the postliberal Emergence rebellion against Sola Scriptura—even in mainstream evangelicalism—and there has now been a largely successful supplanting of the awesome and majestic one true and living LORD God Almighty.”


How does Apprising come to the conclusion that MOST Protestant evangelical leaders are:


a)     post evangelicals

b)     perverted

c)      apostate

d)     post liberal

e)     emergence and rebellious (or both)

f)      against sola scriptura?

On good word we heard from a friend of a friend that Apprising borrowed Eric Barger’s Bible Based Satellite System (ie BS) to test his hypothesis. Ken and his researchers must spend every waking minute of every day attending churches across America.

You must be tired… 

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