Canada may be spreading communism….or yellow journalism


Discernmentalist alert….its Canada’s Birthday and they may be trying to spread their communism in the guise of health-care. You know that subversive idea of allowing even the poor access to health care. It must be stopped NOW. We Discernmentalists now a sham when we see one. Former Pres. Reagan told us that universal health-care was an insidious plot. Only terrorists at Gitmo Bay should be allowed free access to medicine…not citizens who work hard and pay taxes.

If you don’t have the money for an operation then you should die or allow your children’s children’s children to be in debt for your life saving operation. That is the biblical way….the capitalist way. Survival of the fittest…is the way of the Christian.

Send us your $$$ money $$$ before this blight affects us all. 

PS We also think Canada may be trying to spread yellow journalism. We caught them distributing the YELLOW PAGES disguised as a phone book. We have eye witness.


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