Worst Christian Books by the Phoenix Preacher

The Pheonix Preacher has slandered….that is right folks...slandered discernmentalists everywhere. Here is what this so-called preacher has to say:

“and the worst book of all time…

bestseller3aNew Age Bible Versions: Gail Riplinger 

The grandmother of all the wacky, weird, smear jobs to follow from the “discernment ministries”. 

Honorable mention goes to Vance’s “Dark Side of Calvinism”, anything by Hal Lindsey and the “Left Behind” series. 

Your turn…”

I appeal to ALL discernmentalists. We must come against such attacks. NO ONE should ever critique or question a discernmentalist. We at ODMafia believe that this man must be either a post-modernist, post-liberal, post-conservative but definitely a rabid anti-discernmentalist. I urge all our readers to come up with new, imaginative (yet orthodox) names for this man who dare question discernmentalist, absolute truth and orthodoxy.

I’m currently outraged over this attack. I’m red faced with anger and now must write a 3,000 word essay describing why Phoenix Preacher is not saved.

2 Responses to Worst Christian Books by the Phoenix Preacher

  1. William Eastwood says:

    It really helps if you spell it right



  2. truthslayer says:

    William, we will NOT be corrected. Ever. We never make mistakes, it is you who are playing word games. We never play word games…

    Obviously you are an anti-discernmentalist as well…or in league with the Phoenix Preacher OR the Phoenix Preacher. How dare you challenge our spelling!

    PS LOL (seriously)- thanks for the heads up!


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