Pastor Scott making us sick! More “EC” buzzwords found….


Our Online Research Robot Monkeys have discovered more nonsense from so-called Pastor Scott that just makes us sick!

He says “Certainly the EC are not the first nor the only group to emphasize radical discipleship, but I do believe that many people (especially young people) are attracted to the EC because of the creative ways the EC is trying to embody the holistic life of the disciple in the world. In particular, the EC is trying to find ways to embody the present but not-yet reality of the kingdom of God through practices of love, compassion, and justice.”

I’m getting sicker by the moment. Liberal-new-age-buzzwords that are as unbiblical as they come are making me dizzy.




Give us a break…its all about doctrine! Abstract ideas. That is what its about.

In addition so-Pastor Scott also states “The Body of Christ is never a fixed entity it is always alive and developing. Certainly the Scriptures form the “rule of faith” for how and in what ways the Church should be formed, but it is nevertheless the reality that in every culture and successive generation the gospel of Jesus Christ finds ways to be re-formed. The great Reformation of Luther’s era was not the end of the Church’s development theologically, ecclesiastically, liturgically, etc. It certainly marked a unique moment of massive transformation, but the Church that is reformed is continuously reforming.

The EC is one group that is keenly aware of the current re-forming taking place in the Church.”

Sounds to me like the EC church is trying some kind-a-fake-counterfeit Reformation. ONLY the Reformers are allowed to Reform! Unless we see fit to reform.

If the EC THINKS that they can take OUR place, the the place fitting for a DISCERNMENTALIST…they are dead wrong. We will be the ones doing the judging and the kicking out…and we call that MINISTRY. There will be no room for mamby-pamby-unbiblical-compassion and love. As a matter of fact there is NO need for reform today…except that which we criticize. And there is a lot of stuff we feel called to criticize as part of our very special ministry of criticism.

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