Extra! Extra! Coverup Exposed Here At The ODMAFIA!

obama nation

The ODMAFIA normally refuses to examine other discernmentalists….we discernmentalists rarely make mistakes. Our energy is always poured into discovering and uncovering false teachings in a variety of ministries across the globe. We then detail each delicious morsel of heresy so that our audience can be edified.

This is really hard for me folks…really hard. I have discovered that one of our own has betrayed us. Abomination Nation is really a covert anti-discernmentalist pro-obama ministry set up to undermine our ability to accuse others of false teaching.You cannot be a true discernmentalist and choose the Democrats or vote for Obama.

In pains me since they too targeted many of the same ministries we have. But truth must be told and WE have been uncovered and exposed as a fraudulent discernmentalist ministry. It is my hope that in the future that other covert ‘ministries’ may come clean and close up shop before they are embarrassed by OUR research skills.

Think about it…ABOMINATION NATION……far TOO close to OBAMA-NATION! No one else saw this…be we did. We have the skills to see such things.

We also would like to express our thanks to Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries who loaned us his Bible Based Satellite System (BS). Thanks!


2 Responses to Extra! Extra! Coverup Exposed Here At The ODMAFIA!

  1. I coon’t fin a “contact us” form, so Im axin’ this here. I recenly came across this site called recycleyourfaith.com. I deeply fear that I’m been somehow sutly led astray by some of the videos on this here particular siteth. I’m wondering if you at ODM could perhaps point some of your research robot monkeys toward this siteth and give me some advice regarding whether the siteth is safeth for us true believers.

    thanks so much in advance,



  2. itodyaso says:

    The reason there is no “contact us” on this site is because WE DON”T WANT THE STINKING LIBERALS TO CONTACT US!!

    Yet, we do allow comments to often ridicule and abuse those readers who we deem in need of humility!

    Be assured our robot research monkeys are on the job as I write this… in fact they may have gotten on the banana boat before I started writing this!


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