Website review by I. Todyaso


recycle this faith 

Recycle your faith?


What?!?! Do these guys think faith is garbage to be recycled? That should have been my first clue of the insanity taught at this site!


I went to a site that our robot research monkeys alerted me to (and yes one annoying liberal commenter did also) and was very confused. Me confused? Let me explain.


I started with this little video called “Certainty in a box”… more like Uncertainty in a box!


The guy talks about two boxes and one has absolute truth that Jesus was not real… I doubt he really has a box like that! Now then he claims to be seeking truth yet… claims that someone like me who already has Absolute Truth would not open it. In this he is claiming someone like me is not a real truth seeker!?!?! I already have Absolute Truth! Stupid! I don’t need your imaginary made up “Jesus is not real in a box” truth!




Then I went to a video called “Guilt Ridden Faith” This guy thinks freedom trumps obedience! We are called to be a good Christian and live by our Doctrines… yet he seems to dump doubt on all the things that sets real Christians apart from fake ones! Guilt is the main tool in keeping us safe in the faith! Without guilt we would not be out here trying to earn God’s love and keep our Election sure! Again, fail! Idiot!


I just could not bear to hear any more garbage from this site… it almost made me reconsider some things in my faith… but I rose up and defied it and did not let that happen! I hope you do not either! The only guilt I feel now is that I went to that faithless site and watched those videos.


I. Todyaso


3 Responses to Website review by I. Todyaso

  1. I. Todyaso,

    I think I love you. Thank you for being awesome.


  2. truthslayer says:

    Oxy, you may not know this but ITodyaso rec’d a certificate of “Awesomeness” awarded to him last year via University of The Online Discernmentalist Mafia. Its never been awarded to anyone on staff before.


  3. Truthslayer,

    Well i hartily cuncur with the UODM. In fact, one cood ostensably use the verie words of Kung Fu Panda regarden ITodyaso–“his enemies would go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness!!!”


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