New Summer Blockbuster!

boyd1Coming this July 11 – a new summer blockbuster about Truth Warriors that will NOT be stopped in this new action packed story….based on true fiction!

A pack of discernmentalists journey through the center of the Earth into the heart of a lions den of WOODLAND HILLS CHURCH as they face the the overlord “post-liberal-modern-green-partum” Gregory Boyd as he is caught preaching an orthodox sermon on the imporance of prayer to his congregation!!!

Watch as discernmentalists vilify Boyd (right before your eyes) because he favours “Open Theism.” Even though it is should be treated as an in-house debate he is accused of leaning towards the DARK SIDE! Furthermore, discernmentalists courageously attack Boyd when he accuses some of idol worship by backing militarism and uncritical nationalism….that every Christian knows we should support. By the end of this movie we see Discernmentalists attempting to set him straight!

Note: This is an approved and sanctioned ODMafia movie. 


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