Secret hate Code found on “iggy’s” three blogs! Updated!

July 6, 2009

After being exposed for the hateful 2nd rate Christian he is, we went to one of iggy’s sites and ran it through the Secret Hate Blog Decoder Program and were amazed at what we found!


What surprised us most was how well “hate” is hidden!


Now we also decided to run Discerning the World through our program and found an amazing thing! Her blog is about “iggy”… Now we are wondering if this is some elaborate scam where the evil mastermind hate monger, iggy is actually the one behind Discerning the World! I do think that may be the rumor WE here will start since Truth does not even show up on Discerning the Worlds code search!

Having way to much time on my hands I decided to run the rest of iggy’s sites through our program.

Here is iggyROCKS!

Wordle: iggyROCKS!

At first we took this to mean he had a foot fetish yet with closer examination we understood the source of this “hate”…

It is called Barefoot Sunday. Yes at iggy’s church they were so mean as to make people donate shoes to kids in Uganda who did not have any! Hate abounds with iggy! This truly is a mockery of Jesus… they should have not sent shoes.. only sandals!

Now it took a while but we finally decided to see if this site was as hateful as claimed. It is created  to be a mirror that reflects the meaness of the other so-called discernment sites, so we anticipated that best. Hate should be just oozing out of this site as it is truly one of the top hate site that was ever created… and we were not disappointed! Yeah…. Hate is big and large! So the only site that is hateful is this one IF iggy is the real owner. Yet, that is it’s very purpose! We are here to promote hate and to share and spread the hate of such great hate sites like Discerning the World. It is our gift we must share with all! So if we parody your site and you think we are mean… maybe the mirror is reflecting your own image?

Wordle: odmafia

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Discerning the World Blog becomes own parody!

July 6, 2009

hustleDiscernmentalists rarely turn on themselves. Typically we are too busy with everyone else’s bsuiness to caught in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Sometimes however, we see a good steak and chomp on it only to realize that we have taken a bite out of our own hind-quarter.

Discerning The Word Blog with INCREDIBLE DEPTH notes “These are the people that inspire Iggy taken from his WordofMouthMinistries blog. who enable Iggy to write with such hatred about the Word of God and born again Christians” 

LOL – the “hate list” provided is a list of many sites WE enjoy reading (seriously). But….”Discerning” lists numerous blogs and ministries that apparently have been trashed by ODMafia because we  hate them. Not OUR words exactly…because we do not hate them.

I have few observations in mind that provoke some questions

1) Does “Discerning” understand what parody and satire is???

In satire, human or individual vices, follies, abuses, are held up to analysed by means of parallelism, irony, or other methods, ideally with the intent to bring about improvement….is usually meant to be funny.”

We poke fun at some because there is a need for a point to be rectified, or re-examined.

Sometimes we compare and contrast to reveal the folly of some ministries that trash other GENUINELY GREAT MINISTRIES (ie John Armstrong is one I highly recommend)

…that brings up the NEXT question.

2) Does “Discerning” realize that we are fans and in contact with some of the people that we lampoon as a way to boost their blogs/ministries? 

3) Does “Discerning” realize that there is a vast difference between “hate” and “satire?” Or is that difference not discerned by the blog that purports to be for “genuine Christians.” We hope that most common sense Christians understand common sense…and humour (-:

Finally, there is a point at which one can get soooo serious as to turn oneself into a parody. In that case we’d like our readers to relax and DO THE HUSTLE!!!!!

Discerning the World hides it’s hidden Contemplative agenda!

July 6, 2009



We need to share.  But it’s not about sharing the truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as per what is written in the Word of God.  It’s not about saving souls for Jesus Christ anymore; it’s now ALL about saving lives on earth.  We need to show love and compassion by doing good works; feeding the poor, giving blankets to all who are cold, provide housing to everyone that they may have a roof over their heads, dig wells to provide water and stop emitting carbon so as to reverse climate change.  We have to do this, because this is our world, our earth.

But we can’t do this on our own, we need help.  Help from The Christ himself.  We do this through contemplative prayer.  The message of salvation where you need to repent of your own individual sin and accept Jesus Christ the Son of God by believing that He died for us, that our souls will be saved thereby receiving eternal life no longer applies.   There is also no such thing as sin anymore, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ which wholly includes the message of repentance of sin is now completely taboo. (emphasis added)


First off it is not “Online Discernamentalist Mafia” as Discerning the World states… it is “The Online Discernmentalist Mafia” so if she cannot read accurately we wonder how she can discern anything at all!

It has come to my attention that Discerning the World may be infected with emerging doctrines! As I read this I was confused as Deborah renounces emerging doctrines and then affirms them in about every breath! I read the statement above and thought I was reading Brian Mclaren!

Yes it is obvious that Deborah pushes the occult teachings of the mystics by pushing contemplative prayer! She even goes on to state this clearly:  “We do this through contemplative prayer.”  Yet, like Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea, she hides it in Da Vinci type codes throughout her blog! If you desire to read it for what it really says you need to buy our newest book, “Decoding the Discerning the World Blog Code!” In it you will read how to read what someone states then take it and make it mean the opposite! Then you will also learn how to not read what someone says and then state stupid things about them out of ignorance! Then the best part is that you now will learn how to read her blog and her double speak that speaks out both sides of her mouth! In the you will be able to claim that you are preaching clarity while all the while speaking mambo jumbo that really makes no sense at all! But best you can then claim other’s can’t understand it because they are not saved! Yes, you now do not have to admit you cannot write clearly and effectively to make an ounce of sense… it is God’s fault for not opening YOUR eyes.

Order now, for supplies are limited.


Stott too soft on his position

July 6, 2009

pillowJohn Stott “has written 50 books – the most recent of which, ‘The Living Church,’ was published in May 2007. His best known, Basic Christianity, has been translated into more than 50 languages. Other titles include The Cross of Christ, The Contemporary Christian, Evangelical Truth and New Issues Facing Christians Today, and eight New Testament expositions (Acts, Romans etc.) in the ‘Bible Speaks Today’ series published by IVP.”

His commentary on Acts is apparently amazing…but we have NOT discernmentalized it and recommend not reading it until we have a look – safeguarding our flock from possible horrendous heresies…or thinking for yourself!


We think he may be a false teacher for being soft on hell. That’s right!!!We heard that he is an annihilationist…or was that an isolationist….we get so mixed up. Nevertheless…we heard a rumour and we are POUNCING on it!

Regardless………How compromising!!!! It just makes us so outraged (we ask our readers to get outraged too). Get mad as hell….or heck. When are we going to make HELL front and center as a CORE doctrine?

Unless Stott holds ALL OUR highly articulated doctrinal views we have to conclude that he is not a believer…therefore a heretic, apostate, liberal or worse POST LIBERAL  or something worse. Besides he belongs to the Church of England so by default he must be bad, or bent on world destruction. Worse he is an intellectual…that is at least 3 STRIKES against him.

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