Discerning the World Blog becomes own parody!

hustleDiscernmentalists rarely turn on themselves. Typically we are too busy with everyone else’s bsuiness to caught in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Sometimes however, we see a good steak and chomp on it only to realize that we have taken a bite out of our own hind-quarter.

Discerning The Word Blog with INCREDIBLE DEPTH notes “These are the people that inspire Iggy taken from his WordofMouthMinistries blog. who enable Iggy to write with such hatred about the Word of God and born again Christians” 

LOL – the “hate list” provided is a list of many sites WE enjoy reading (seriously). But….”Discerning” lists numerous blogs and ministries that apparently have been trashed by ODMafia because we  hate them. Not OUR words exactly…because we do not hate them.

I have few observations in mind that provoke some questions

1) Does “Discerning” understand what parody and satire is???

In satire, human or individual vices, follies, abuses, are held up to analysed by means of parallelism, irony, or other methods, ideally with the intent to bring about improvement….is usually meant to be funny.”

We poke fun at some because there is a need for a point to be rectified, or re-examined.

Sometimes we compare and contrast to reveal the folly of some ministries that trash other GENUINELY GREAT MINISTRIES (ie John Armstrong is one I highly recommend)

…that brings up the NEXT question.

2) Does “Discerning” realize that we are fans and in contact with some of the people that we lampoon as a way to boost their blogs/ministries? 

3) Does “Discerning” realize that there is a vast difference between “hate” and “satire?” Or is that difference not discerned by the blog that purports to be for “genuine Christians.” We hope that most common sense Christians understand common sense…and humour (-:

Finally, there is a point at which one can get soooo serious as to turn oneself into a parody. In that case we’d like our readers to relax and DO THE HUSTLE!!!!!


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